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Founder of F.ZIMMERN - Mr. Frederick Zimmern
F. Zimmern & Co. was founded by the late Mr. Frederick Zimmern in 1935. Mr. Zimmern was one of the early Euroasians who chose Hong Kong as their home. His education in Hong Kong allowed him to be familiar with the Chinese society. In the early days, the firm provided all types of legal services and gained the recognition of both the Chinese and Western communities and we were one of the handful prominent law firms in Hong Kong before the War.
In the early years, members of the firm comprised the late Mr. Yung Kok Yue, the late Mr. Yu Ping Tsun (the brother of Mr. Patrick S. S. Yu, a legendary member of Hong Kong Bar) and the late Mr. Donald Q. Cheung (the brother of the late Sir Oswald V. Cheung Q.C. and S.C., a prominent member of the Hong Kong Bar and Hong Kong community), all considered to be outstanding members of the Hong Kong legal community. The brother of Mr. Frederick Zimmern, the late Mr. Archie Zimmern, was the first member of the Local Bar elevated directly to the Bench of the Court of Appeal.

During the Japanese occupation period in the 1940s, Mr. Zimmern and other foreigners were arrested and interned in Stanley's camp. Shortly after the War, Mr. Zimmern recommenced his practice at No.9 Ice House Street, Central.
Pioneer Law Firm in "Strata" Title Conveyance
In line with the growth and expansion of the Hong Kong economy after the War, the firm provided a wide range of legal services to Hong Kong community and assisted both the Chinese and Western property development companies in their property transactions. The operation often involved the acquisition of older buildings, the application to the Lands Tribunal and the Courts for vacant possession or alternatively buying land through tender or auction of government land. The firm's services included the teaming up of other professionals (e.g. architects and accountants) in formulating the projects; applying to the Courts for the appropriate orders; negotiating with and handling compensation to outgoing tenants; assisting clients in organising the necessary financing, generally to be secured by building mortgages; and advising on legal issues arising from construction and the subsequent sales. At that time, conveyances of properties in Hong Kong were carried out in respect of entire building blocks. F. Zimmern & Co. was one of the few pioneer law firms engaged in "strata" title conveyance, i.e. sale and purchase of individual units in buildings. It was proud to be the law firm providing professional services for the developments at Peterson Street, Causeway Bay where the former Daimaru Department Store used to be and for numerous other large scale developments in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories.
Diversification into Other Areas of Legal Services
As from the 1970s, Hong Kong gradually developed into one of the hubs of international trade and finance. In order to keep up with the changes, the firm has strengthened other areas of practices with particular emphasis on banking, corporate finance and listings of securities on the Main Board as well as on the Growth Enterprise Market of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. Nevertheless, traditional areas of legal practice such as litigation, conveyancing, civil and criminal have not been ignored. After the re-unification with China in 1997, the Chinese language has become more and more important, in particular in direct investments and other forms of commercial activities in Mainland China. The firm is well prepared in that regard and is capable of providing professional services in both languages with regard to the increasingly complicated legal and commercial issues.

The firm also provides notarization services by notaries public and China-appointed attesting officers of commercial or other legal documents for use in Mainland China and overseas.

With the increasing opening up of investment opportunities in China, the firm is committed to providing professional services in China practice with emphasis on personal attention.