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Service Excellence
Our aim is to provide our clients with dedicated professional service to their best interest.
Public Services
F. Zimmern & Co. participates in deliberation of legal issues and policies in Hong Kong and other countries.

We have a proud tradition of serving the Hong Kong community. Not only serving on the committees of The Law Society of Hong Kong and the Law Reform Commission, members of this firm also stand as committee members of other professional and commercial groups. These groups include Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong Trademark Association and Hong Kong Ship Owners Association etc. Further, F. Zimmern & Co. has also maintained communication with various departments of the Hong Kong SAR Government.

Our firm's former partner, Mr. Donald Q. Cheung, was the secretary and the president of The Law Society of Hong Kong; another former partner, Mr. Frank C. Y. Cheung, was the vice president of The Law Society of Hong Kong; our firm's former partner, Mr. Roderick B. Woo, was the former Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data and the former president of The Law Society of Hong Kong for three consecutive terms.
One-stop Solutions
Over all these years, the clients of F. Zimmern & Co. comprise local and international businesses, banks and financial institutions, property development companies, manufacturers, trading companies, shipping companies, etc.

To provide effective legal services in the international market, our firm has maintained business relationship with law firms in other jurisdictions so as to ensure that our clients will have appropriate legal representative to provide legal services to them around the world. Lawyers of this firm are experienced practitioners in their respective areas of practice. They are grouped into different departments to better serve our clients. We have also established business relationship with other professionals such as accountants, merchant bankers, financial advisers, architects and surveyors and are in a position to offer one-stop professional solutions to our clients.
High Efficiency and Client Focus
Efficiency is one of the core values of our firm and we are committed to delivering quality services to our clients in an efficient manner. We have implemented an effective internal management structure to ensure that all our lawyers are always able to focus on our clients' tasks and accomplish the same in accordance with the stipulated timeframe. We are also well equipped with sophisticated information and telecommunications system to ensure our capability to handle large volume work.